Jems by Jocelyn

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Tanaya. Henry. Two words. One girl. Several MIND-BLOWING accessories. If you haven’t heard by now my girl is BLOWIN UP! With several features in Vogue, and her Swarvoski encrusted lace cuffs gracing the beautiful hands specially crafted by God himself of none other than the Queen Bee Beyonce, herself. Bey and countless other celebrities have been donning Henry’s apparel giving way for Henry’s clientele to extend and influence others such as myself.I would be remised if I were to lie and tell you that I wasn’t inspired by Henry in working on my first jewelry & objects product in which I made a three layered body chain centered around geometric shapes.

Made of 18 gage copper this custom handmade piece is light enough lay on the skin comfortably and bold enough to wear as a statement piece. Unlike Tanaya’s jewelry, this body chain does not have encrusted Swarvoski Crystals it does have lucious lime-green Swarvoski beads lining the hanging copper wires giving the chain a nice eccentric touch.

I decided to pair my bralette that I shared with you guys in my previous post with my body chain that I made!

Let me know what you think in the comments section! Would you ever wear a custom made Jem?


Blush Beauty




Sitting in on Saturday got my normally idle hands itching. ¬†Thanks to A Spare and a Pairs’ DIY instructable I was able to turn this beautiful blush lace into something comfortably intimate. This bralette is perfect to slip into on lazy days where comfort is needed at an all time high and support at minimal increments.

If you like to try or check out A Spare & A Pare’s DIY bra the link is listed below!

A Pair & A Spare DIY Lace Bralette